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In May, Dean F (Year 8) and Aimee G (Year 10) went to debate in a brand new competition called the Downing Street Debates. This was a highly prestigious competition where the best debaters from across the country were able to compete against each other. The students were put in a team with two students from Oasis Academy John Williams in Bristol and the team won the competition, which is an amazing achievement.

Debate DowningSt

Not only did the students have the opportunity to debate in the House of Commons and inside 10 Downing Street, but they were also given a tour around the House of Commons and were invited into David Cameron's office.  The students also enjoyed a meet and greet session with David Cameron.  In the final, they debated about whether or not voting should be made compulsory and the debate was chaired by Film and TV actor Alex Macqueen.  The students won a huge trophy each and The Bramcote School library is now the proud owner of a book of the world's best speeches that is signed by David Cameron himself.  It was an incredible opportunity and a very inspiring day.