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The Student and Community Committee oversees delivery of the White Hills Park Federation five-year vision as it relates to students and the wider community. There are five key areas that the committee monitors– each of which is supported by a named Federation Director.

Listening to Student Voice:  Students have a powerful voice and contribute to decisions about their education.

The Student Federation Council comprises students elected from their year groups and provides a forum for students to represent the views and questions of their peers to invited members of the Federation Leadership. Discussions this year have included views on curriculum changes, new buildings and uniform plans. A Student Union has also been established at Bramcote College and ideas shared for community events. Head Boys and Girls from each of the schools have been invited to join the committee to share their perspective.

Engagement with Parents and the Community: Our Federation is rooted in its community.  We have close links with neighbourhood groups, primary schools, faith communities and voluntary organisations. We work in partnership with parents/carers and parental satisfaction is extremely high.

Each year parents are asked their views about school issues. There were 250 responses to the latest survey in February and across a range of 20 measures responses were positive.

There are now growing Parent Teacher groups in each school – they are led by parents and supported by staff. They provide an opportunity not only for parental networks, but also to raise money for the schools. The Friends of the Bramcote School will shortly become a formally registered charitable organisation. Funds raised this year have been donated to the school for specific English and Maths resources. The Alderman White PTA continues to expand its’ membership and activity plans.

Parents Forums are held each term in each school. These meetings are parent-led and provide a discussion forum for issues that are of concern or interest with members of the school leadership team

The Language College at Alderman White School hosts over 350 people who attend courses throughout the week as part of the Family Learning Programme. This also includes the pupils and students who attend the Nottingham Chinese School on Saturday afternoons. Primary school communities have also benefited from a range of language classes including Mandarin taster courses and cultural activities offered through the new Confucius Classroom which has received very generous funding from the Confucius Institute.

We continue to develop links with the business community and host regular Business Breakfasts at Bramcote College with local leaders.

Recruitment of new Students: The number of students applying for the Federation is rising steadily.

There is significant outreach to local feeder primary schools and induction days for Year 5 and 6 are now an established part of the school calendar. Open evening’s at all three schools also continue to be part of this activity to encourage parents to consider our schools for their children.

Enrichment: Students take part in a wide range of after-school and lunch-time activity.

Federation teachers deliver a wide range of extracurricular activity which is open to all students. Particular successes include:

  • Bramcote Debate Club who have achieved national success.
  • The Year 9 Netball Team who have achieved local and countywide success
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme – Bronze and Silver levels are now being supported by the Federation teams.

The Graduation Scheme continues to provide encouragement to engage with additional school activities and this year 450 students achieved Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status

Behaviour and Safety:  We want students to feel safe and happy in school and their excellent behaviour has a major impact on their learning and progress.

There have been no permanent exclusions from either Alderman White School or the Bramcote School and fixed term exclusions have significantly reduced from previous years. This demonstrates the rigorous application of behavioural standards. Contributing to this is the development of the Schools Behaviour and Attendance Partnership (SBAP) which provides alternative provision for those where mainstream school has been unsuitable and place them at risk of exclusion. The Federation has seen some student success stories which have emerged from this partnership.

During the new school year we will see the wider introduction of Go4Schools which will capture all of the rewards systems in one place and support parents and teachers to access this information.

We will also see during the new school year, the introduction of a new school uniform, which for the first time will include blazers. Parents, students and teachers have all actively participated in the design and development.

If you would like any further information or are interested in getting involved, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.