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Go4Schools – Online Student Progress and Attainment System

go4schoolsWe will be launching Go4Schools this term. Teachers will be using the system from Wednesday 7th September, we will open it up to students on the 19th September and then parents on the 26th September.

This online system will enable you to have access to timetable, attendance and behaviour information and after half-term the most recent progress data too. You will be able to see:

  • INSPIRE points and other behaviour information.
  • Timetable.
  • Attendance statistics.
  • Homework with tasks, deadlines and completion history.
  • Mock exam grades.
  • Target, current and predicted grades and annual reports.

Logging on to the system is simple. Visit the and click on the Parent or Student button at the top right hand side of the web page – follow the instructions for a First-time User. Students must use their school e-mail account and parents the e-mail account registered with the school.

If you have not added your email address to the contact form or need to update the email address we hold for you, please send a letter to reception with your child in an envelope. This should include your email address and it must be signed.

We will continue to use the student planner alongside Go4Schools in the medium term whilst we get used to the new system, and our aim is to reduce the number of paper copies of data sheets and reports as the year progresses. Current and Predicted grades will be updated by teachers after each half-term and all mock and exam data will be available following exam sessions.

We hope you enjoy using this on-line system.

A Level Results 2016

Exam ResultsAs you will be aware, the 2016 A-Level results were released on Thursday. I am delighted to share with you the fantastic and record-breaking achievements of the 2016 Bramcote College cohort. The results issued on Thursday saw our students deliver the best-ever results for the College with another year of improvement across the board:

  • 44% of all A2 grades were A* to B;
  • The average points score per student rose to 735 and the average points per student entry rose to 214;
  • A pass-rate of 99.7% - we have only one ‘U’ grade across over 200 entries and this is subject to an appeal as it is one mark off an E grade. Currently all but one A-Level course achieved a 100% pass rate;
  • 65% of all Vocational grades were graded Distinction and above and 34% of Vocational grades were graded Distinction*.

How have we achieved another year-on-year increase?

  • Ensuring we have all students on the correct pathway (Academic, Vocational or Mixed) to maximise their chances of exceeding their potential;
  • A structured Tutor system that means students have a mentor to support their achievement;
  • Small class sizes that allow for personalised learning: at Bramcote College you are taught as an individual, not part of a large group;
  • On-going support and advice so that you reach your chosen destination – whether it be university or work.

University Destinations 2016

2016 results show that 80% of BRAMCOTE COLLEGE applying for university were accepted by their first-choice destination. We have established excellent links with a variety of Russell Group Universities, as well as a range of great, locally based universities. This year our 2016 cohort gained places at the following universities:

  • The University of Nottingham;
  • Loughborough University;
  • Warwick University
  • The University of Birmingham;
  • The University of Leeds;
  • The University of Manchester;
  • The University of Leicester;
  • Nottingham Trent University.

Great Jobs too

We know that university isn’t necessarily the only successful route a student can choose after A Levels. At Bramcote College, we always ensure that all students have the advice and support needed to make the best decisions for their future. Recently, our students have achieved coveted apprenticeships with companies such as Experian, Rolls Royce, Boots and many more. In addition to this, a few of our students have gone on to serve in the police and ambulance service as well as the Army, RAF and Royal Navy.

2016 and Beyond

Our aim is to ensure that we continue to ensure that all our students exceed their potential and secure their chosen destination after College. The results over the past few years show the positive impact our small class sizes have in securing great outcomes for our students.

Registration for September 2016

Students that have already been offered a place can confirm their place and choice of subjects after receiving their GCSE results from 9.30am on Thursday 25th August. Those students that are away can confirm their place and choice of subjects by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students that have not yet applied but wish to come to Bramcote College from September 2016 can apply for a place from 9.30am on Thursday 25th August. Interviews will take place on Friday 26th August.

We very much hope that your son / daughter will be joining us in September and we are already looking forward to celebrating even better results with them in 2018.

James Macdonald
Head of College

Downing Street Debates

In May, Dean F (Year 8) and Aimee G (Year 10) went to debate in a brand new competition called the Downing Street Debates. This was a highly prestigious competition where the best debaters from across the country were able to compete against each other. The students were put in a team with two students from Oasis Academy John Williams in Bristol and the team won the competition, which is an amazing achievement.

Debate DowningSt

Not only did the students have the opportunity to debate in the House of Commons and inside 10 Downing Street, but they were also given a tour around the House of Commons and were invited into David Cameron's office.  The students also enjoyed a meet and greet session with David Cameron.  In the final, they debated about whether or not voting should be made compulsory and the debate was chaired by Film and TV actor Alex Macqueen.  The students won a huge trophy each and The Bramcote School library is now the proud owner of a book of the world's best speeches that is signed by David Cameron himself.  It was an incredible opportunity and a very inspiring day. 


The Bramcote School Move – Have Your Say

As you know, we recently announced our plans for Phase 1 of our new school building project. This involves moving out of The Bramcote School site and relocating the students in the current Bramcote College building, and using the proceeds of the sale to build a new 6th Form building. We propose to move from the current Bramcote School site at the end of the next school year, in July 2017. I have had many conversations with staff, students, parents and members of the local community since our announcement, and I am delighted with the positive response.

This is obviously a major change, and so the next stage of this process is to consult with parents and other stakeholders, specifically about the proposal to close The Bramcote School site, to give you the opportunity to respond formally to our plans. We would be interested in hearing from anyone who has a view about the move, and the nature of the plans.

As we have explained, the age and poor condition of the building mean that funds that could be used to much better effect elsewhere, such as teaching and IT resources, are being spent on high levels of maintenance and utility costs, and that this state of affairs is likely to worsen in the coming years. The move would also help us to manage the Federation more efficiently and, as a result, we believe that this is a proposal that has implications for all of our students, whichever school they currently attend.

We have opened a consultation document, attached below. Please return via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The consultation is now open and will run until Sunday 1st May. Thank you for your interest and support.

(If you are viewing this article on our app please visit our full website for access to the consultaion document)

Download this file (Consultation Form.pdf)Consultation Form.pdf[ ]110 kB