The Curriculum

All students will study Citizenship, RS, PSHE and Careers until the end of Year 11 as part of their core curriculum. They will take EITHER Modern Studies (2 hours per week) which combines all these aspects of the curriculum OR Religious Studies GCSE (1 hour per week) AND Citizenship (1 hour per week).

EITHER Modern Studies (2 hours per week)
Year 10 & Year 11
Students cover all the key aspects of their statutory entitlement in these subjects including:
• Sex and relationships
• Online safety
• Drug and alcohol awareness
• Careers advice and post-16 planning
• Religious views on controversial topics
• Migration, identity & religious beliefs

OR Religious Studies GCSE (1 hour per week)
This course follows the WJEC specification. The GCSE is examined by 100% exam at the end of Year 11 and focuses on the responses of Christianity and Islam towards controversial issues.
Year 10 & Year 11
Students will cover topics such as Relationships, Justice & Equality, Creation & the environment, Religion & Conflict, Medical Ethics and Law & Order.

AND Citizenship (1 hour per week)
Students will cover all statutory areas included in the Modern Studies curriculum including sex and relationships, careers and citizenship issues.

Progression Routes
PSHE, RS and Citizenship enable students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become informed, active citizens. Students who have studied GCSE RE can go on to study philosophy and ethics at AS / A2 level. These subjects are also a good basis for studying other humanities and social science subjects at both GCSE and A Level.

For further information please contact Miss Barnett, Miss Buchan or Mrs Read