The Curriculum

workingKey subject aims

The new GCSE qualification in Mathematics encourages students to develop confidence in, and a positive attitude towards, mathematics and to recognise the importance of mathematics in their own lives and to society. This qualification prepares students to make informed decisions about the use of technology, the management of money, further learning opportunities and career choices.  There are two tiers of entry: Foundation or Higher.

Overview of assessment

Higher Tier Foundation Tier
Levels 4-9 available Levels 1-5 available
3 written papers each 33% of the final grade 3 written papers each 33% of the final grade
Exam length 1 hour 30 minutes each Exam length 1 hour 30 minutes each.
80 marks on each paper 80 marks on each paper
Paper 1H Non-calculator Paper 1F Non-calculator

Paper 2H Calculator

Paper 3H Calculator

Paper 2F Calculator

Paper 3F Calculator

The problem-solving elements of mathematics are assessed on each paper:
30% of the Higher Tier papers 25% of the Foundation Tier papers

Knowledge and understanding

The new GCSE Mathematics qualification requires students to:

  • Develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts, including:  Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measures, Statistics, Probability.
  • Use knowledge and understanding to make connections between mathematical concepts.
  • Apply the problem-solving elements of mathematics in everyday and real-life situations.


The new GCSE Mathematics qualification gives students the opportunity to

develop the ability to:

  • acquire and use problem-solving strategies
  • select and apply mathematical techniques and methods in mathematical, every day and real-world situations
  • reason mathematically, make deductions and inferences and draw conclusions
  • interpret and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms appropriate to the information and context.

Every student has access to the website which contains lessons, homework and revision exercises for them to work through.

We expect all students to have their own geometry set and scientific calculator.

Download this file (Y9-11 SoL Overview and Objectives.pdf)Y9-11 SoL Overview and Objectives.pdf[ ]3219 kB