The Curriculum

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GCSE Core and Additional Science is a concept-led course developed to meet the needs of students seeking a deeper understanding of scientific ideas.  This course is designed as the primary Science qualification for all students at KS4 and aims to provide them with the scientific understanding needed to progress to further studies of Science, should they choose to undertake them.  The course focuses on scientific explanations and models, and gives students an insight into how scientists develop scientific understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit.  There is also a strong emphasis on scientific literacy - the knowledge and understanding which students need to engage as informed citizens with science-based issues.  This course leads to the award of two GCSE qualifications.


The assessment for this course is terminal exams (75% of the grade) with Core being assessed and completed in June of year 10 and Additional in June of year 11.  In addition to this 25% of the GCSE grade is based upon a controlled assessment where students use their enquiry skills to plan and carry out an experiment.  There will be 3, 1 hour exams in total for Biology, Chemistry and Physics units. Students will require a B grade at additional Science to continue on to do either Biology, Chemistry or Physics A-level.

Core Science

Core Science can be studied as a stand-alone qualification over two years resulting in one GCSE in Science. This course may be suitable for those who would benefit from taking more time to learn the content with additional support as well as having fewer exams at the end. This will be determined by the set that students are in for GCSE; however the Heads of Science (Mrs Hutchinson at The Bramcote School and Mrs Beddow at Alderman White) are happy to discuss the possibility of students moving sets in order to achieve the additional Science route.

The assessment for this will is broken down into four parts; coursework (25%) followed by three terminal exams; Biology (25%), Chemistry (25%) and Physics (25%). All of the assessment will occur in year 11 with year 10 being used to provide the foundation for students in preparation for year 11.