The Curriculum

ICTExam Board OCR

Computing GCSE now forms part of the EBacc.

This single GCSE qualification specifically aims to help students:
• Develop their understanding of current and emerging technologies, understanding of how they work and apply this knowledge and understanding in a range of contexts
• Acquire and apply a knowledge, some technical skills and an understanding of the use of algorithms in computer programs to solve problems using programming
• Use their knowledge and understanding of computer technology to become independent and discerning users of IT, able to make informed decisions about the use and be aware of the implications of different technologies
• Acquire and apply creative and technical skills, knowledge and understanding of IT in a range of contexts
• Develop computer programs to solve problems
• Develop the skills to work collaboratively
• Evaluate the effectiveness of computer programs/solutions and the impact of, and issues related to, the use of computer technology in society

Course structure
You will study the following:
• Computer systems and programming (written exam paper)
• Practical investigation (controlled assessment)
• Programming project (controlled assessment)

The written exam which is taken in year 11 is 40% of your final grade.
The controlled assessments also taken in year 11 are 60% of your final grade.

Progress route to Level 3
We offer the OCR A level Computing course at Bramcote College and expect a grade C or above in Computing GCSE as an entry requirement to this. An extremely technical A Level, which will require a logical mind, a lot of independent working as well as a written exam.

Entry requirements:
Please be aware that in order to have a realistic chance of success in Computing GCSE students should have the potential to achieve Level 6 in Maths by the end of Year 9.

For further information, please speak to Mr Siddiqui, Miss Davies, Mr Halilic or Mr Blacow at both sites.