The Curriculum

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The main aim of our History course is to encourage you to think about how the world around you has come to be as it is. The days when history was simply a collection of dates have long gone. Nowadays we help you to develop a wide range of useful skills. You will learn to use and judge various kinds of evidence, such as film, photographs and written material; to detect bias and to be able to understand how and why people and societies change over time.

In the GCSE course there is plenty of opportunity for group-work as well as individual study. We encourage you to discuss the matters raised in class and to ask questions. We hope that by the time you have finished your course you will not only have done well at GCSE, but also that you will have gained a real insight into the different ways in which human beings have tried to deal with their problems, both in the past and in the present. There is natural progression from GCSE History to AS/A2 History at Bramcote College. History is one of the Federation’s most successful subjects with over 40% of students gaining an A* or an A in their GCSE exams in 2012.

What will you study?
The development of Medicine through Time
(50% of total mark, examined at the end of Year 11)
We study the ‘History of Medicine’ from its prehistoric beginnings, through the ancient and medieval worlds up to modern times. You will be thinking about what people in the past thought caused illness and disease - from Gods and the planets, bad air and smells, through to the discovery of germs and Penicillin. Through tracing the development of medicine you gain an insight into the beliefs and practices of the past and how people’s ideas have changed over time.

Germany 1919 – 1945
(25%, examined at the end of Year 11)
In this unit we work on understanding why the German people elected a leader like Adolf Hitler. You will look at the way that Hitler was able to persuade the people of Germany that he should be their leader and understand what life was like for ordinary people under Nazi rule. We also investigate the reasons behind, and the horrors of, the Holocaust.

Terrorism (25%) –What were the motives behind 9/11? (25%, Controlled Assessment)
You will develop a detailed understanding of the different motives that caused nineteen suicide bombers to attack the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11. We will then learn about America’s response to the attacks and finally assess whether the ‘War on Terror’ between America and groups such as Al-Qaeda can be won by the US.

For further information, please speak to Mrs Atack at Alderman White or Mrs Read at The Bramcote School.