The Curriculum

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GCSE Separate (Triple) Science is designed for students wishing to pursue further science related studies at A-Level, leading to careers involving science in the future. The course builds upon the Additional Science specification by offering further in depth study of the three main sciences. This leads to the award of three GCSE qualifications for Biology, Chemistry and Physics OR Core Science, Additional Science and Further Additional Science. The routes chosen will discussed in detail with those who opt for this course.

The assessment is a combination of terminal examinations 75% and coursework 25%. There will be separate assessments for Biology, Chemistry and Physics with students sitting 3 exams for each qualification. Each qualification is made up of 3 terminal, externally examined units and one internally assessed unit, each of equal weight. The Biology, Chemistry and Physics options will all be assessed at the end of year 11 while those opting for the alternative route (Core, Additional and Further Additional) will be assessed in both year 10 and 11.

Entry Requirements
Please be aware that there is an expectation that students who choose Triple Science GCSE would have the potential to achieve Level 6 in Science at the end of Year 9. This course is best suited to students who are completing the EBacc route.

For further information please see Mrs Beddow or Miss Crabtree (Alderman White) or Mrs Hutchinson (The Bramcote School).