The Curriculum

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Course outline

This course will appeal to students who enjoy Art, or who would like to consider a creative or design orientated career. Students carry out a range of practical projects in two and three dimensions; learn about the creative process, and how to make decisions about the development and direction of their work.

They will also need to be able to demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the work of other artists and craftspeople. This can be done in writing or by a personal response through their own artwork.


The AQA GCSE Art & Design (fine art) carries a 60% weighting for coursework over two years. Students will carry out two broad units of work during this time. This is then followed by a 10 hour practical exam/controlled test after a given preparation time. This makes up 40% of the final GCSE grade.

Progression routes

There are numerous career opportunities in Art related fields such as architecture, product designer, window dresser, teacher, film set designer, web designer, graphics, fashion or costume design.

Students who are considering further study at A Level in Art and Design or are thinking of a career in any of the above design areas will need to take the GCSE Art & Design course as they will be required to submit a portfolio of work at interview.

Students will be provided with all materials and equipment they need for the course, but it would also be advisable for them to have their own set of shading pencils and watercolours to use at home.

For Further information about Art & Design please speak to Ms Friend at Alderman White, or Mrs Hewitt at The Bramcote School.