The Curriculum

workingExam Board Edexcel

The GCSE is a subject available to all students with an interest and desire to understand how businesses work and succeed, giving students an understanding of UK business issues.


The course is assessed through one piece of coursework (25%) and two externally set examinations (75%).
One examination is a multiple choice paper which is sat at the end of Year 11 and the second examination is worth 50% of the overall grade for the course.
The coursework is a research question where students arrive at a suitable conclusion, taking into account exactly what is happening in the business world that will affect the issue raised.


The new GCSE is taught with reference to local and national businesses, studying their business behaviour and reasons for it.

The business course will address stakeholders in business and the impact on the environment, as well as introducing business ethics and globalisation of business.

Business is taught in three units entitled Marketing and Enterprise, Business and People and Production, Finance and the External Environment.

A key feature of the course focuses on Enterprise and Entrepreneurs in business and students will be encouraged to think of and develop successful business ideas. Students who are enthusiastic about making money and keen to learn appropriate and necessary business skills will benefit from taking this course.

Progression from this Course

Overall, the course offers a varied and interesting introduction to the subject of Business. Whilst the content will be new to all students (and therefore quite demanding) it will be of use in students later in life and help them understand business in practical terms.

The course gives an introduction to Business, Economics and Enterprise and will therefore be of use to students who wish to study these subjects at A-Level. The course gives a broad introduction to many important and useful areas of Business in today’s competitive world.

For Further information about GCSE Business please speak to Mr King, Mrs Potts or Mr Brett