The Curriculum

Exam Board AQA

Throughout this course students will

  • develop their critical thinking and decision making skills
  • appreciate the role of different media texts in everyday life
  • combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills
  • develop their practical skills such as creating, editing and filming different media texts

Students need to

  • be keen, organised and determined
  • enjoy using the media and must keep up to date with developments in the media
  • be able to make decisions and describe and explain the choices they have made
  • be familiar with using ICT creatively to edit and produce different media texts

If you think you have these qualities then you should find this course enjoyable and rewarding.


Unit 1: Investigating the Media (1 hour 30 written exam worth 40%)

Unit 1 is externally assessed and requires students to investigate a pre-released media topic. Students are assessed on their ability to undertake research and planning in order to respond to four unseen tasks. The topic for Unit 1 will change each year.

Unit 2: Understanding the Media (Controlled assessment, taken from a bank of set assignments worth 60%)

Unit 2 is made up of three controlled assessments (an introductory assignment, a cross media assignment and a practical production with a supporting evaluation) which require students to build on their own understanding of the media key concepts for their own pre-production planning. This leads to a fully realised practical production for Assignment 3. The assignments are set by the exam board and will be taken from assignment banks that allow for personal choice and flexibility.

What can I do with it?
AS/A2 Media Studies. A media course at university leading to careers including: Audio and visual production, broadcasting, journalism, online publishing, advertising and marketing. Media literacy is a valuable and marketable skill for the workplace.

For more information please see Mrs Deacon or Mrs Rockley.