The Curriculum

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Over the next two years you will be studying the AQA Applied GCSE in Performing Arts. The course is a single award and is suitable for entry to A Level qualifications in the subject; it provides an excellent opportunity to develop and acquire skills in Dance, Drama and also other spheres of the performing arts industry such as set design and make-up. The course is designed to give you a realistic experience of what is required in a modern performance environment. There will also be the opportunity to attend the theatre to see a range of performance shows and further enhance your knowledge.

Assessment is by performance and working portfolios throughout the course.

Outline of Course
The course will consist of two separate units.

Unit 1 Skills Development – 60%
Identify your skill level and chart your improvements over the course in a working portfolio of evidence.

Unit 2 Showcase Performance – 40%
Use your skills to create and perform a piece to a specific audience based on a starter sent by the examination board. This will be performed to a visiting examiner.

For further information please see Mr Morley or Miss Armitage.


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