The Curriculum

Exam Board Edexcel

Outline of Course:
The GCSE in Psychology will allow you to question how behaviour is influenced by genetics, brain dysfunction as well as upbringing, peers and your experiences. You will develop a range of independent research skills.

Year 10

Unit 1: Perception and Dreaming:
Why do we dream, what do dreams mean, what is perception, how do we use our senses to make sense of the world?

Year 11

Unit 2: Social and Biological Psychology:
Do video games and TV affect young people, why do we have phobias and are criminals born or are they made?

Coursework: None
Exam: 100%.

You will sit two exams at the end of year 11. The department ensures that the course content is delivered by February of year 11 and ample time is provided to revise both of the units.

The format of the exams are:

  • Unit 1 Perception and Dreaming: (40%)- multiple choice and short answer questions. 1¼ hour paper
  • Unit 2 Social and Biological Psychology: (60%)- multiple choice, short answer questions and one essay question. 1¾ hour paper

Progression Routes
A-level Psychology, A-level Health and Social Care, A-level Sociology.

Psychology is useful for careers within medicine, teaching, public services, psychiatry, therapy, law and social work amongst a vast range of others.

For further information please contact Mrs Lancley.

Please be aware that in order to have a realistic chance of success in Psychology GCSE students should have the potential to achieve Level 6 in English, Maths and Science by the end of Year 9.