The Curriculum

Exam Board WJEC

Outline of course
The GCSE in Sociology will allow you to look at how society is influenced by the Media, Politics and the Police. You will learn about social inequalities, such as gender, ethnicity, age and social class.

Year 10
The Mass Media

You will learn how the media portrays different social groups and how the media creates moral panics. How does the media report stereotype groups, such as black youth and girl gangs. You will also learn about how social media has altered the way that the news is reported.

Year 11
Crime and Deviance

This unit will allow you to investigate the role of the police and how this has changed. You will study why some crimes are reported and others are not and why they are not. You will also research what crimes affect females and various ethnic groups. You will also learn about the difference between blue collar and white collar crime and the types of crimes that occurs in different areas, such as nocturnal and environmental crimes.

Progression Routes
A-level Sociology, A-level Psychology.
Sociology is useful for careers within law, social work, health, social care amongst a vast range of others.

For further information please contact Ms Marriott.

Please be aware that in order to have a realistic chance of success in Sociology GCSE students should have the potential to achieve Level 6 in English, Maths and Science by the end of Year 9.