The House System

House LogoThe White Hills Park Federation Trust operates a single House system across both Schools which helps to foster cooperation, teamwork and some healthy competition between pupils (and staff!). Pupils receive house points for contribution to class, excellent effort, high standards of work (including written work), and other achievements including improved attainment. Non-academic achievement also earns house points, such as taking part in house competitions and participating in the weekly house quiz, amongst others. House points are awarded in ePraise

The Federation sports day is amongst one the highlights of the school calendar when all pupils from both schools compete in houses in track and field events. Other notable House events include Hagg Farm and Peak Adventure outdoor pursuits for students in Key Stage 3.

The four Houses are called Newark, Sherwood, Trent and Welbeck; named after locations of local historical buildings and landmarks. The Houses also raise money for nominated charities each year with pupils playing the key role in devising, organising and running fundraising activities.

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