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Keep up to date with what’s happening at school with our new app

We are now using MySchoolApp. The benefits to you include:

  • Instant access to an up-to-date school calendar. Any events that are relevant to you, can also be added to you own calendar with one tap on the screen.
  • Keep up to date with what is happening at the school. Read news items.
  • Report your child’s absence to us.
  • Push notifications sent by the school, let you know the important stuff as well as helpful reminders (e.g. snow days, non-uniform days etc.)
  • Download school Newsletters, Policies and more.


The first step is to get mySchoolApp on your phone or tablet. The easiest way is to use the links below, otherwise use your phone to search on the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) for mySchoolApp. It’s the one with the multicoloured stickboy.


Once you have mySchoolApp installed there are just a few things you need to do, to ensure you get the most from the app.

Login into the school

On the initial screen, start to enter your school name- either Alderman White School or The Bramcote School. If you have children at both schools you can add additional schools later in the settings menu.  When you have entered a few letters, the app will give you some suggestions. Tap on the correct school name and you’re logged in. You only have to do this once, mySchoolApp will remember your school automatically in future.


When you have selected your school you will be required to enter your details. This is a once only form and enables the app to identify you to the school. The school app administrator will be able to see your name, email and phone number. We also request you create a PIN, which is private. This will be required if you submit an absence notification via the app, ensuring only you can use this feature.

App settings

From the app menu, select Settings. In this area you can:

  • update your details
  • add additional schools (which use mySchoolApp)
  • subscribe to Notification Groups (Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Sports, and Performing Arts)

Push Notifications

Push notifications enable us to notify you of new messages or events without the need for you to open the app. It is recommended that you choose to accept push notifications from mySchoolApp, to ensure that you receive important communications, such as a school closure due to snow.

Simply opt in, to receive notifications from the groups which are of interest to you. This function enables the school to send messages to specific year groups parents of sports teams and students that take part in performing arts.

If you have any issues with the app please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling them which school you are logged into.